Tuesday, 5 April 2016

This is your home.

Imagine a lovely house, with 10 acres of land full of fruit and vegetables all growing freely. This is your home.

One day, without warning, a group of men walk in to your home and start to take away the bricks and wood from the ground floor of your house. The next day, a group of men arrive with big nets and start to catch all your fish in the lake. The next day, a different group of men cut down your woodlands and take all your vegetables.

You are left with a wasteland. With no fish in your lake it quickly succumbs to death, with no woodland you lose the wildlife necessary to pollinate your vegetables, and the wood for your fire and fuel. Without the ground floor walls of your house, it collapses. You are left with nothing.

How would you feel? You wouldn’t accept it. You wouldn’t let these people destroy your home, brick by brick. You would resist because it is your home. Just as we don’t let people walk into our homes and take our stuff.

So why do we let our governments and corporations do it to our planet. It is exactly the same. This planet is my, your, our home. Sure, a lot of what we do is necessary, we need to be warm in winter, we need to eat and we need shelter to live in. But how far are you willing to go to achieve comfort? Are you willing to destroy your home and everything you love for it?

When you have nothing left, you have to go to the men who took everything and pay them to give you your fish back so you can eat. You buy firewood for fuel so you can stay warm and you pay them to fix your house with the materials they took from you.

Public demand drives the destruction of your planet and your home. Take a stand against it and choose to protect the foundations of life on earth.

#FreeFromPlastic #OnePlanet #OurOcean