Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Internship

Much like Google, we are this year opening our doors for an intern program. Unlike Google, there isn’t a guaranteed job at the end, and it isn’t open to America’s brightest and best. So all you Havard, Stanford and MIT students can stop applying now.

Instead, we focus on people who are sensitive to human behaviour and impact on the environment, hard working and scientifically focused. This leads to our 2015 Intern Bio; David Richards, take a bow

David was born and raised in West Philadelphia, spending his time playing basketball or ‘shooting some hoops’ in the local playground. He used to enjoy relaxing and chilling with his friends in said playground, until one unfortunate day, he got into a little bit of trouble with a gang of older boys. They beat up on him, and his mother got a bit concerned for her sons safety, and sent him off to live with his Aunty and Uncle. His aunt and uncle were quite wealthy, and so David was soon able to flourish and quickly gained an education and, before he left, was nicknamed “the prince”.*

David volunteered with us in 2014 for a month and completed both his Open Water and Advanced Open water courses with us, as well as contributed to turtle watch, dive surveys and brought knowledge from his environmental background. All in all, an excellent volunteer and we hope a perfectly suited intern. He will come back and complete his Rescue and Divemaster courses whilst helping to run the research and coordinate volunteers.

Welcome (back) to the Team

*may or may not be true