Thursday, 5 February 2015

We didn't listen!

”Global Warming is going to strike… two days before the day after tomorrow”

“Oh my God...That’s today!”

What is your opinion of climate change? Do you ‘believe’ all the scientists? Or see the changes in the world as natural occurrence? Or blindly ignore everything and drink beer whilst shooting stuff?

I am two out of three. I believe scientists when they tell us our planet’s climate is changing, and that a lot of it is down to human action, but I also realise that a lot of things happen naturally. It is becoming nigh on impossible to deny climate change, but I bet you can still find people out there who think it isn't happening or even welcome change that might see a warmer climate for them

In fairness, I have been through years of school, college and university to have an education that allows me to understand the cause and effect situation we find ourselves in. A lot of people haven’t, they wouldn't see climate change as a big problem until it knocks on their door and pours water through their windows. Which I understand, why worry about something that seemingly doesn't affect you.

It seems to me that every few months new research is published stating different opinions on climate change, different causes or outcomes. Which would make it much more difficult believe what scientists say.If your old school teacher changed the answer to 1+1 every week, you might not believe them for long either, so we can understand the split opinion within the public.

The impact of climate change on the oceans has been widely researched, and various factors considered, reconsidered and concluded. Recently, a group of scientists deemed that coral reefs will be sensitive to sea level change(Harris et al, 2015), but evidence has shown the ability to cope with small increases. They claim the connection between sea level and coral growth/survival is quite apart from other aspects such as ocean warming, acidification and pollution.

On the same day it was announced that the Great Barrier Reef could decline to less than 10% coral cover if ocean warming continues (Spencer, 2015).

Sea level rise will not occur only because of the potential melting of the ice caps, as the sea temperature increases, its volume will increase, resulting in a sea level rise. The warmer temperature itself will result in death of corals, but the increased depth will reduce light and cause extra stress, causing us to question whether corals will grow and adapt to sea level change, suggested by Harris et al.

You see, I have confused myself with all that, let’s just agree that we should all do what we can to help reduce our impacts:

Enjoy the Little Things

Go for a walk, marvel at nature and the wondrous connections and interactions within. Take an interest in the world and ask questions, what, how, why. You might just find value in something you have had all your life.

The Blame Game

Don’t blame other people, countries or the politicians for the state of the world. Sure, China may have high emissions, and Brazil may be chopping down loads of it’s rainforests whilst overfishing is destroying balance. Look at your own life first, be the change.

The Usual Suspects

If you have read this blog or any others out there, then I don’t need to list and explain them all separately; turn off lights/plugs, avoid plastic, don’t waste water, eat sustainably sourced food, don’t buy tropical hardwood furniture etc.