Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Coral Nursery

As we await the the decision on the permits for coral nursery development and reef monitoring, we have had to establish our other research targets first. However, thanks to the Dept. of Marine Parks, we were lucky enough to be invited to a local MP training event for the construction and deployment of a 3rd generation coral nursery frame.

Thanks to Albert of the Marine Parks for the demonstration and information!

Two identical layers create the nursery frame and are first laid out on the ground ready

The local Marine Park guys had the first crack at putting together the frame

Then, alongside Ecoteer we had a go. We used PVC glue to hold the frames together

The two frames were aligned and legs established

Then glued together to create a sturdy frame for new coral nubbins

The frames stand 2m x 1m and are made of UPVC plastic pipes and held together with PVC glue. A large and solid structure that houses a coral nubbin every 10cm, meaning one nursery tray can be home to 60 individual colonies. Aiming to 10 trays per site means 600 colonies being restored! Amazing

Zip ties were inserted into pre-drilled holes ready for transplanting coral nubbins easily and quickly

The Marine Park team then deployed the frame into the water at Tuna Bay to add to the growing artificial reef/nursery they have there. With them they took some old toothbrushes to clean some of the older frames.

We will soon visit the site to get an idea of what it looks like underwater. A fantastic morning full of educational information. A massive thank you to the Department of Marine Parks for inviting us along to see how it is done. Fingers crossed the permits get approved and we can get our own nursery up and running!