Tuesday, 31 March 2015

United we Stand, Divided we Fall

Saturday 28th March was 2015’s Earth Hour day, a day where people across the planet united in the fight against climate change. Between the hour of 2030 and 2130, people turned off their lights to raise awareness and combat the growing pressure on our climate from energy consumption.

The overall impact of turning the lights off for one hour could be minimal, but if everyone, everywhere did it, it can be huge, which is what Earth Hour is all about. Uniting the nations and people to a common goal. At 2030 on Saturday, we joined the movement and turned off our electricity and wandered down to the beach to sit in semi darkness, talk, tell jokes and riddles and do our part.

Of course, regular followers of Blue Temple will know that Dave suggested we all attempt to make something out of rubbish. The guys from the Ecoteer community project got involved as well and we saw some exciting and creative designs. So a massive well done to everyone involved!

Sereena created a lifelike elephant from an old kettle,
some cans, rope and milk cartons

Stevie, Aleasha and Tiffany created an awesome Turtle mosaic
 from old bottle caps and beer cans

Shauna created a ghostly candle holder from an
old detergent bottle

Rachel made these beautiful flowers and vase from old egg cartons,
old fishing wire and an upcycled plastic bottle
Dave's vertical hanging garden with origami, tin can flowers!

Dave's signpost for local cafe to encourage tourists
to dress respectfully

Along with the mini projects, the guys from Ecoteer Turtle project, Ecoteer Community Project and the Blue Temple team united in a team effort to clean up the Turtle nesting beach at Tiga Ruang on the big island. A hard-working morning saw the teams collect 15 bags of rubbish from along the beach, large portions of which was plastic, the scourge on our environment (more on this to follow later in the week).

The teams united for one cause!

15 bags!

 “Great things are done by a series of small things being brought together.”
Vincent Van Gogh